Every business desires to portray a professional image to their competitors, vendors, suppliers, and existing and potential clients. New business opportunities begin with a phone call, a live voice provided by a MOR would definitely welcome your clients with a great first positive impression. A MOR can take on the day-to-day operations that ensure a business operates as smoothly as possible, and has the ability to handle tasks efficiently and with professionalism A professional receptionist makes your business appear MOR professional and polished.

MOR Service can announce and transfer your call seamlessly or take a message and send it to your smart phone.

MOR Service also allows you to take control of your calls. If at any point you are in the office and wish to take your own calls, you can simply dial a given unique code and answer the calls directly yourself and vice versa.

With a MOR, no phone call or opportunity is ever missed. Even with the most dedicated full time employee, it's not possible to be in the office at all times. A MOR can always be on call, if necessary, and no phone call is going to be missed because he or she steps away from their desk, even for a moment.

MOR service can play a very important part in reducing your business costs regardless of the size of your business. It is one of the most efficient and cost effective service available for the business owners.

The call will be recorded and sent via SMS text message straight to your personal mobile phone, followed by an email which you can keep for your records. This is to ensure your clients can be dealt with promptly and competently.

With a MOR, you can free yourself and your employees from the need to spend hours on the phone every day.


CRM integration

User can access all call data and recordings of your customers directly in CRM. Whenever new call or message is generated by you, you can automatically update it in your CRM using our API's.


Professional messages to greet customers everytime they call. For Eg. Customer can choose whom they would like to speak - Press 1 for Sales or Press 2 for Manager.

Call Forwarding

Can forward calls to your support team, customer service desk, read voicemails online and many more.

Click to Call

Enable your customers to just click and connect with you instantly over phones.

Message Management

Users can manage their messages, voicemails, and many more.

Easy Scalability

User can do conference call on multiple numbers without effort because system is on cloud

Phone Options

Setup cell phones to receive calls with a cloud based phone system.

Reduce Cost

No additional hardware costs.

Email Report

Daily,Weekly and Monthly report for calls.